Ways People Read

I’ve often been surprised by the variation in the reasons different people follow the same blog. If you don't want to attract the wrong crowd, you could try making sure your writing is boring or incomprehensible along all of these axes except the ones you intend.

Evaluates things by/responds toRepresentative example
Scanning for shibboleths and fnordsDemocrats; Republicans
Vocabulary size, production value, pictures of brain scansI Fucking Love Science
Conventional wisdom plug and chugBest Practices; Politifact readers; People who check for p<0.05 but can't explain what a p-value is
Complex self-consistent conceptual structures, clever phrasing and styleRibbonfarm readers, Slate Star Codex on bad days
Force-fitting fixed world-model without moving partsFundamentalists; Dumber Marxists
Adapting fixed world-model with moving partsMarxists; Libertarians; People who want Econ 101 to apply to everything
Narrative coherence, granfalloon reinforcement"Outrage porn"; Everyday Feminism; Vox; Breitbart
Hypocrisy, irony, smugness, shamingWoke Twitter; Rational Wiki; 4chan
Poking holes in other people's narrative coherenceSlate Star Codex
Fixing weaknesses in own world-modelLess Wrong(?), People who know whether or not they can draw a can opener