Complete Issues List

000392019-12-12Bug 3OpenSpelling errors caused by soft hyphen
000382019-11-07Bug 3Closedrel=canonical is not respected
000372019-09-15Feature 3Closedshow Alignment Forum karma
000362019-08-13Bug 2Closed'minimal scrollbar' chrome extension breaks on GW
000352019-06-29Bug 4ClosedArbital pages that don't work
000342019-04-12Bug 2OpenVote count doesn't update when a vote is cast
000332019-01-09  2Open"copy comment to clipboard" button
000322018-12-26Bug  OpenDiigo extension with HTML annotations enabled prevents writing comments
000312018-07-29Feature 3OpenOption for infinite scrolling on article lists
000302018-07-19Feature 1Openrss feed for top posts per X days ( or month, quarter, year )
000292018-06-12Bug 3Closedspam deleted on LW but not on GW
000282018-05-03Bug 5OpenVarious problems with editing a post on GW and then LW
000272018-04-28Feature 1Suspendedoption to sort oldest-first
000262018-04-18Feature 34Closedadd "are you sure" when closing browser window/tab
000252018-03-27BugChrome Version 65.0.3325.146 (Official Build) (64-bit)2ClosedEditing an existing post has no newline characters.
000242018-03-25Feature 1SuspendedAbility to cue up a post to be published in the future,
000232018-03-25Feature 3SuspendedAdd donate button, link, bitcoin wallet or other method of soliciting donations
000222018-03-25Bug 4ClosedToC bug with LaTeX in headers
000212018-03-22Bug 3ClosedSearch query "credence" - every results is listed thrice
000202018-03-13  1ClosedAnswered: does have a guarantee that it will get content from LW ongoing?
000192018-03-10Feature 3ClosedPlease add an RSS or Atom feed to
000182018-03-10Feature 3Suspendedgreaterwrong does not provide a way to login via github
000172018-02-02Feature 3OpenPersist read/unread state across devices
000162018-02-02Feature 5ClosedShow drafts
000152018-02-02Feature 4OpenBetter pagination UI
000142018-02-02Appearance 5ClosedAdd icons indicating post type
000132018-02-02Feature 3ClosedAdd LaTeX formatting option
000122018-02-02Appearance 4ClosedChange to new post layout
000112018-01-24Bug 5OpenComment text in search results is sometimes truncated or missing
000102018-01-04Content 3ClosedFix URL underscores that were turned into <em> tags
000092017-12-04Appearance 2ClosedFix incorrect whitespace inside <a> tags
000082017-11-04  5Closedlinks on to other lesserwrong articles
000072017-11-04Bug 2Closed"1 comments" should say "1 comment"
000062017-11-04Feature 5OpenBetter error handling
000052017-11-03Bug 4ClosedServer Error due to comments on private posts
000042017-11-03Bug 4OpenComments count is off sometimes
000032017-11-03Feature 3ClosedHighlight comments when linked to them
000022017-11-03Appearance 3ClosedRemove empty <p> tags
000012017-11-03Appearance 4ClosedFix ugly timestamps.